Cryptowatch Survey, Earn Access to Exclusive Beta Program
We are looking for clients who are passionate about Cryptowatch and would like to help pioneer a client beta program. Those selected will get early access to new tools and see previews of functionality that are in a conceptual or development state. As beta group members, we expect that you will lend feedback while participating in focus groups and usability tests. If you are interested, please tell us about yourself and your Cryptowatch usage by filling out the short survey below.

Please Note: completing the survey does not guarantee access to the beta program. We will notify you by email or twitter if we select you.

1. Email address or Twitter handle:
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2. What type of trader do you consider yourself?
3. Did you know you can trade across multiple (7 at this time) exchanges using Cryptowatch?
4. What exchanges do you trade on? (click all that apply)
5. Do you use the Cryptowatch REST API?
6. What would you like to use the new websocket API for?
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7. Are you a Kraken Exchange client?
8. What other tools or sites do you use to track crypto prices or charts?
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9. Are there features or enhancements that would help you become a better trader that we should consider adding?
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10. What other enhancements would you like to see in Cryptowatch?
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11. Any additional details or feedback you would like to share about your experience using Cryptowatch?
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