WarMUN 2018 Crisis Staff Application Form
WarMUN 2018 will take place 16th to 18th of February. This year we will be simulating an alternative history crisis inspired by Man in the High Castle. Here's a full crisis description:

Decades after they win the Second World War, the Axis powers struggle to keep their territories in check. Will the occupied states seek self-determination and how will that impact the relationship between the two super powers that are now both greedy for total world domination? The arms race, proxy wars and your classic political machinations will all be features of this crisis - now set in a more unforgiving reality.
This directive-based crisis will be split into four cabinets: German Reich, Imperial Japan, Pacific States of America and United States of America.

This form includes an application for crisis chairs, backroom staff and assistant directors. Please note that you might be invited for a short interview after your application.

You will receive a copy of your responses as confirmation of your application.

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Please specify your order of preference for crisis team positions, and answer corresponding questions. There are no specific questions for the AD positions, but if you have selected an option in that row, please answer backroom-specific questions.
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Backroom: You accidentally approve a 1 billion dollar loan to one of the cabinets after you misread the number of zeroes on their directive. By the time you realise what happened, the cabinet has already spent some of their newfound resources. This significantly disadvantages the other cabinets. How do you go about fixing this?
Backroom: You reject a mediocre directive from a chair because it asked to kill a delegate that is contributing a lot to the crisis. The chair later storms into backroom complaining about this and is threatening to walk out of committee. How would you handle this situation?
Chair: In the middle of a heated military campaign, you receive information about your army from the director which is less than what you have calculated from your previous losses and soldier conscription. However, it is made clear that you this is what you will have to work with. Your delegates are unhappy about this, how do you mediate the situation and ensure the success of your military campaign?
Chair: One of the less experienced delegates has greatly worsened your cabinet's position after they dealt with a mini-crisis that has been delegated to them. Other delegates aren't happy and seem to be planning to exclude the delegate from future plans. How would you help the delegate out and ensure they are well integrated into the committee and how would you avoid a similar situation down the road?
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