2020 First Peas Contest Registration
To Register:
1. Only Gateway Greening network school and youth gardens can compete
2. Pick up seed peas starting January 25, 2020. A list of pickup times and locations are below.
3. Plant your seeds after February 12
4. Tend peas.
5. Harvest and document the harvest!
6. Complete First Peas to the Table Results form by June 17th.
Garden Name
School/Organization Name *
Primary Contact Person *
Primary Contact Email *
Secondary Email or Phone Number
Estimated Number of Students Participating *
Requested Pea Variety *
Sweet pea pods are a tasty, fresh from the vine snack. Shelling peas are the variety described in the First Peas to the Table book. Students process the peas by removing the peas from the pods
Anticipated Pickup Location and time *
If you plan on picking up your seeds at the Gateway Greening Office, please email education@gatewaygreening.org beforehand. Sometimes staff are all outside, but we can make sure to meet you there!
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