Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey, 2019-2020
Dear Parent/Guardian and Family Members,
As the parent/guardian and family member of a child attending a Title I school you are an important part of the Title I team. Your input is vital in the planning and implementation of the Parent and Family Engagement Program and activities in our school. The focus of all Title I programs is to help eligible students meet the same high academic achievement standards expected of all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status and background. The following survey is confidential and will be used to assist us with future planning for parent and family engagement activities and events at your child's school. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you would like to complete this survey online, please go to the Title 1 tab on our school website. If you need this survey in another language, please contact the school office.
1. Name of your child’s school *
2. Grade Level *
3. My child's school is family friendly (welcoming and inviting to family members of students). *
4. My school creates an environment that helps my child learn. *
5. Coweta County School System provides every student equal access to experienced, highly qualified (certified in the area in which they are teaching) teachers. *
6. I am satisfied with the services provided by the school to help me support my child academically such as parent trainings and information sent home or posted online to help me understand how to help my child learn. *
7. My child's teacher(s) adequately addresses my child's specific individual needs. *
8. The school provides ways for me to be actively involved in my child's academic progress and to help my child learn at home. *
9. The staff at my child's school is responsive and helpful when we discuss my child's academic progress. *
10. Teachers regularly inform me about my child's academic progress in English language arts, math, science and social studies. *
11. My child's teachers regularly update grades in the parent portal. *
12. I participated in and/or attended the following school activities this year. (check all that apply) *
13. The best ways for the school to communicate with me are. (check all that apply.) *
14. Are you aware of what your child is expected to understand in all subject areas? *
15. How well do you know the content/work that your child is expected to learn each year? *
17. How often do you work with your child at home on classwork and homework assignments? *
18. What is the primary language spoken at your home? *
19. Translation and interpretation services are readily available when I need them. *
20. Are you aware of the opportunities to volunteer at your child's school? *
21. Which of the following would allow you to participate in parent meetings and school activities? (check all that apply) *
22. How often do you work with other parents at your child's school to plan and carry out school activities? Mark only one. *
23. I would like the 1% Family Engagement funds to be used to provide the following trainings/programs at my school. (check all that apply) *
24. Which topics have you been able to share feedback and ideas: Check all that apply *
25. Did you participate in parent volunteer training opportunities this year? *
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