Soil & Water Stewardship Program Application
Please answer the following questions to demonstrate your interest in the program. Acceptance into the training is based on enthusiasm for program content, availability and commitment to volunteering with community-based organizations, not necessarily your background, experience or knowledge. Starred questions are required, others may be left blank if preferred.
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Participants are expected to attend all monthly training and volunteer sessions, both Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., from February to October on the following dates: Feb 22 and 23; Mar 28 and 29; Apr 25 and 26; May 30 and 31; June 27 and 28; Jul 25 and 26; Aug 22 and 23; Sep 26 and 27; Oct 24 and 25.
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How familiar are you with the following content?
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Field professional
Soil biology
Compost systems
Food waste prevention
Water quality/ stormwater management
Food gardening
Natural pest and weed management
Ecological restoration
Water catchment (rain barrels, cisterns, etc)
Drip irrigation
Participants accepted into the program will be asked to read and sign a Participation Agreement and pay a supply fee, which will be used to cover class materials, help supplement the cost of materials for community-based projects, and provide scholarships for other participants. The fee is a sliding scale, pay what you can ($0 - $300) amount. No one will be denied participation based on ability to pay.
There are a limited number of stipends available for participants with a demonstrated commitment to their communities. The stipend amount is $50 provided for each training month (Saturday and Sunday) with an additional $50 if all training dates are attended (up to $500 total). We ask that participants with the financial means to contribute to the cost of this program do not request a stipend.
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