Hardrock Social Media Coordinator Application
Position Overview:
Oversee postings and engagements on all social media channels for the entirety of Hardrock

Duties and Responsibilities:
-Work with Digital Media Coordinator Kayla Ferguson & Webmaster Brad Bishop starting 2-3
months before Hardrock 2019 to develop a realistic list of specific posts to include during the
run; front runners, every man, scenery, aid stations, volunteers, sponsors, etc.
-Maintain consistent mix of text, image and video content
- Include relevant sponsor-focused posts, as per their sponsorship agreement
-Starting the week of the race through the end of the awards ceremony after the race,
manage postings on the Hardrock Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Website as determined by
the list of posts. Cross-post among channels and pay special attention to platform-specific
tagging, hashtags and content emphasis
-Work with Kayla to maintain a pulse on post engagements and race-related mentions on all
social media platforms and respond as needed. Stay in close contact with Kayla and Run
Director Dale Garland if there are any sensitive topics that arise
-Check in with Kayla at determined increments with a recap of postings and relevant
-Be available (as mountain service allows) to receive calls from Kayla, Brad, Dale about
“breaking” news to post
-Provide own laptop/tablet/phone and data plan when not within Wi-Fi access.

To apply:
Please fill out and submit the form below.

Selectee will receive a service ticket for the Hardrock 2020 lottery and other benefits TBD.

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