About Elementari Ambassador Program
The Ambassador Program is on hold while we have Elementari Premium plans for free during the period of school closures.


Elementari Ambassadors help develop and implement curriculum using Elementari in their classroom contexts. They are valuable in providing real examples of how Elementari can be used in different subjects, grade levels, and learning environments. The Elementari Team strongly believes in working with individual educators to meet their needs.

During the program, educators will have an upgraded account so all of their students can use Elementari and have access to premium features.

By completing the program, a case study about your class (along with curriculum) will be released and publicly available for other educators to reference and use. We will also provide you or your school with half off to upgrade to premium and give you recognition as an Elementari Ambassador.
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Do your students have access to internet and computers/tablets so they can write their own story? *
Will you have instructional time for your students to write their stories? *
Do you agree to give feedback during the entire process? *
This can be during the development of the curriculum unit, while you are running Elementari, and/or after the program is complete.
Will you provide time for your students to fill out any feedback forms? *
Feedback is anonymous and will be short reflections. Ex. "What was most fun? What did your write about? What did you like?" This can be also assigned as homework.
Do you allow us to use your (and your students) feedback as part of our case study? *
Do you agree that the case study will be publicly available as an open educational resource? *
This will be released under CC BY 4.0. Any curriculum shared or developed by you will have your attribution.
Have you agreed to all of the questions above? *
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