2019 Suzuki Teacher Membership
TEACHER MEMBERSHIP is for any teacher who is teaching an instrument in the Suzuki Method and who is an accredited Suzuki Teacher (including Suzuki Early Childhood Music Teachers).

All our membership runs from 1 February 2019 - 31 January 2020 (no matter when you join).

Teacher Membership fee is $205 this year.


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Teacher Member means a person who is professionally engaged in the teaching of music by the methodology of Dr Shinichi Suzuki, known as Talent Education, is over 18 years and has met the professional accreditation and performance requirements as laid down by the Board of the Association.

This includes completion of training at either Certificates III or IV or Diploma level and annual training of 3 full days. Children of Teacher Members are included in this membership.

Anyone who wishes to be informed of the activities of the Association and who is interested in music education.

Anyone who wishes to support the work of Dr Suzuki in Australia

Attending Suzuki events like workshops, concerts, Summer Schools etc is central to success in the Suzuki Method as they provide the unique Suzuki environment that supports and nurtures children’s learning.

The STEAA works very hard to provide the best experiences possible for its members, and as a member you are covered by our insurance at all events.

The STEAA also trains and provides ongoing support for all its teachers which ensures that Suzuki families receive the best possible Suzuki teaching.

Most importantly, membership ensures the future viability or our organisation.

Let us make it that every studio, every teacher and every family supports our Association and our office one hundred per cent. Your student's environment can only be improved by this support. Please join the Association now and remain a member every year as a Suzuki Teacher. With your continued support we can keep our running costs to a minimum and provide the best possible experiences for your students.

Only current financial teacher members can take part in Teacher Training and Association-run activities.

Suzuki Events and Activities - only current financial Members can participate in Suzuki events and activities throughout the year, including Graduation, Workshops, Concerts, Summer School, International Conference and Orchestras.

Quarterly Tempo Newsletter – Members receive our newsletter, Tempo (issued quarterly), and are able to advertise in the classifieds on a casual basis free of charge.

Talent Sound Retail Discount – Teacher's Membership receive a 10% discount on selected books purchased through Talent Sound, the retail branch of our association. Talent Sound stocks all Suzuki books, CDs and accompaniments plus many supplementary materials.

Retail & Services Discounts - Members receive discounts on a variety of goods and services provided by other members as advertised in the newsletter/Tempo. This includes AON insurance discounts for Public Liability.

Voting Rights – all Teacher Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Associate Members can attend the meeting, but are not permitted to vote.

Most importantly your membership allows the Association to continue it’s work for the benefit of children by continuing the work of Dr Suzuki. “For the Happiness of Children”

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