Meal Pickup for USD 400 Students Nov 10-17
**Please complete this form. It collects additional information related to meal pick up for the rest Remote Learning period. Even if you filled out a form for last week's meals, please complete this form as well.** Because your child's school building is in the Hybrid or Remote Learning Model, you have the option of picking up a lunch and the next day's breakfast for your child. The USDA is providing these meals at no charge to the student. In order to best provide this service, we need to know your name, and the name of each enrolled child that you'll be picking up a meal for from November 10 through November 17. Please fill this form out to cover the rest of this week and watch for additional communication for next week.
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To help parents with students in multiple buildings, meals can be provided for all students in a family at one location. Please choose the location that you'll be picking up student meals.
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