Youth Week 2018 Application
Attend Youth Week Staff Meeting on February 11th @ 12NOON.
Meet with Adult Minister to discuss responsibilities before Feb. 25th
Help Plan, Prepare & Implement YOUTH WEEK ACTIVITIES...
Shadow Minister on March 4th or March 11th
Attend TRAINING LUNCHEON on March 4th
ATTEND Grade Out - Dinner Outing on March 12th
Participate in Prayer Breakfast & TECH TIME-OUT, March 13th 
Help LEAD Youth Worship Night on Wednesday, March 14th
Participate & take responsibility for a portion of the ALL-YOUTH EVENT... March 16th
Participate in Operation InAsMuch Youth Project - March 17th
Participate in Youth Sunday activities, March 18th

Other specific responsibilities associated with Minister Role. (ie. Preach the sermon on Sunday Morning, Visit someone in the Hospital, Attend a Committee Meeting, Create at SOF dance, etc.)

Please fill in the questions below in order to express interest for a ministry role during youth week. For Ministerial Positions the Last 3 questions MUST BE ANSWERED! Preference will be given to upperclassmen. Please select 3 different choices. You are not guaranteed your top choice, but we will do our best to give you one of your 3 choices. A selection team will review all applications and then confirm your commitment before announcing final selections.

Deadline for application is January 31st!

Our Theme is "Connect the Dots" and our narrative passage is the Emmaus Road Experience - Luke 24:13–32 (MSG).

In the 1880s French artist Georges Seurat introduced an art form known as pointillism. As the name suggests, Seurat used small dots of color, rather than brush strokes of blended pigments, to create an artistic image. Up close, his work looks like groupings of individual dots. Yet as the observer steps back, the human eye blends the dots into brightly colored portraits or landscapes.

The big picture of the Bible is similar. Up close, its complexity can leave us with the impression of dots on a canvas. As we read it, we might feel like Cleopas and his friend on the road to Emmaus. They couldn’t understand the tragic “dotlike” events of the Passover weekend. They had hoped that Jesus “was the one who was going to redeem Israel” (Luke 24:21), but they had just witnessed His death.

Suddenly a man they did not recognize was walking alongside them. After showing an interest in their conversation, He helped them connect the dots of the suffering and death of their long-awaited Messiah. Later, while eating a meal with them, Jesus let them recognize Him—and then He left as mysteriously as He came.

Was it the scarred dots of the nail wounds in His hands that caught their attention? We don’t know. What we do know is that when we connect the dots of Scripture and Jesus’s suffering (vv. 27, 44), we see a God who loves us more than we can imagine. That's our goal for every STUDENT during Youth Week... We want them to connect these dots and grow in their understanding of God's love.

Observation Sunday & Training Luncheon is March 4th
Youth Teach Sunday School on March 11th
Youth Lead Worship on March 18th

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Ministers, Directors, Teachers & Worship Leadership
Middle Schoolers are encouraged to teach the children classes and High School Students are encouraged to lead our adult SS classes.
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