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1) What is your VR ID number? *
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2) Where you part of the VR-biometric pilot study in 2017? *
3) What is your working diagnosis of the patient? *
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6) When considering your VR flight experience, did you find it. *
7) When considering your VR flight experience, did you find it.
8) It was easy to use the 360-degree virtual reality headset for this project
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9) I found the 360-degree virtual reality experience engaging *
10) Based on my experience during this project, I would like to make use of 360- degree virtual reality simulation for future practice/training.
11) 360-virtual reality immersion increases the quality of clinical simulation learning?
12) 360-degree scene immersion will help me to be more aware of my clinical environment?
13) Creating a safe clinical environment is beneficial to my learning?
14) 360-degree virtual reality environments will help develop my clinical scene awareness?
15) 360-degree virtual reality environments provide additional information that cannot be replicated in a classroom or simulation suite?
16) Do you have any additional comments or feedback of your experience
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