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BTKR AA 2020
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Have you ever been convicted of animal abuse, cruelty, neglect, or abandonment? Has anyone living in the home, or frequently visiting it, ever been convicted of animal abuse, cruelty, neglect, or abandonment? If yes to either, please explain. *
Adopting is a family decision and all members of the household must be in agreement BEFORE submitting this application! We make adoption decisions based on household agreement. Is everyone in your home on board for adopting? *
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Tell us about the amazing life this new addition will have when he/she/they join your family. For example, food brand, sleeping arrangements, nail maintenance, flea control, play areas (inside or outside) and any siblings they might be gaining (human & furry). *
Have you ever owned a kitten(s)/cat(s) before? When? *
Are you familiar with the signs/symptoms of feline leukemia, diabetes, herpes, feline aids, upper respiratory infections and urinary infections? Which vet will you use for their medical care? *
Do you own house plants? Please list them by name. **Understand that there are house plants that are toxic to cats/kittens** *
Do you use essential oils or diffusers? Which ones? **Be aware that essential oils and diffusers can be toxic to cats/kittens** *
Tell us a little bit about you and your home life. For example, do you rent or own? If you rent, what is the contact information for your landlord? Who will be providing the primary care for this new addition? How much time will you be able to spend each day spoiling them? What are your home plans for vacation or relocation due to job? *
Caring for pets can be costly at times, especially when emergencies come up. Have you considered the emotional and financial commitments are required? How much do you plan on spending each month for their care and supplies? *
***Adoption Requirements and Disclaimer - Respond To Each Statement Below Please*** *
I acknowledge that all information contained in this form and all answers provided are correct and true. I understand that any misrepresentation of the facts may result in the removal of the kitten(s)/cat(s) from my home by Billy The Kidden Rescue. *
I agree to NEVER declaw the kitten(s)/cat(s). *
I agree to keep the kitten(s)/cat(s) inside at all times. *
I agree to return the kitten(s)/cat(s) to Billy The Kidden Rescue if I find that I am in a situation where I can no longer care for him/her/them. *
I am willing to commit to taking care of the kitten(s)/cat(s) for his/her/their entire life. *
I will not feed meow mix or any food containing coloring or titanium dioxide. *
I will remove all poisonous plants from my home. *
I will not use essential oils or diffusers. *
****I acknowledge that the cat/kitten I am interested in may not be available due to multiple applications and I will check the Adopt A Pet website for updates. **** *
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