Report Discrimination of Land Use
Use this form if you feel you have been discriminated against using land by city council due to your Muslim faith.
If you answer YES to any one of the following questions, then please fill out the form below:
1. Have you been denied a zoning permit or variance even though houses of worship or religious institutions of other faiths been granted similar permits or variances in the same jurisdiction?

2. Is there evidence this denial was motivated by discriminatory beliefs about your faith (for example, anti-Muslim comments by zoning board members or others about a proposed mosque)?

3. Have you been denied a zoning permit or variance even though a comparable nonreligious institution (such as a civic or fraternal organization, commercial concert hall, or other place of assembly) has been permitted to operate with a similar zoning permit or variance in the same jurisdiction?

4. Have zoning officials completely banned new houses of worship from the jurisdiction?

5. Has a denial of a zoning permit or variance placed a substantial (meaning, more than minimal or incidental) burden on your ability to practice your faith?

6. Has the zoning body failed to identify a compelling governmental interest that justifies the denial or failed to provide evidence to support that claim?

7. Has the zoning board failed to show that the denial is the least restrictive way to further its compelling interest (or is there another way the identified interest could be protected other than by denying the permit)?

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