City Hall Fellows 2018-2019 San Francisco Mentee Application
Please note that, if selected for the Fall 2018 San Francisco Mentorship Program, you are required to commit to:

Kickoff event in San Francisco in November 2018
Midpoint event in January 2019
Completion event in San Francisco in May 2019
At least 6 one-on-one mentorship meetings or calls over the course of the seven-month program

Please confirm you are interested in being a CHF mentee. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please return to the City Hall Fellows website and choose the mentor application. *
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What are three outcomes you hope to experience from the mentorship program? *
The CHF Mentorship Program is designed to build future leaders in local government who will act as servant leaders in their communities. What makes you a strong candidate to be a CHF mentee, and what motivated you to apply to the program? *
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