NGMS Student Survey 2018 - 2019 #2
Please read each question carefully, and choose the answer that most closely fits your opinion. There are NO wrong answers. The information from the survey will help us understand what you think about your experience at North Garner Middle School. If a question is unclear, please ask your teacher.
1. My grade level and team is: *
2. I feel comfortable around students of different cultures and/or ethnic groups. *
3. I feel safe at North Garner Middle School. *
4. I feel that bullying is a problem at North Garner Middle School. *
5. I feel comfortable handling a bullying situation. *
6. What do the letters in PRIDE stand for at NGMS? *
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7. I have at least one adult in the building that I feel comfortable approaching in times of need. *
8. I have received praise in the form of a positive phone call, positive email, positive post card, PRIDE ticket, etc. this school year. *
9. I feel that _________ would best motivate me to behave positively in school. *
10. I feel comfortable approaching an adult at NGMS to report unsafe or dangerous behavior. *
11. I feel the adults at NGMS are willing to give students extra academic help (before/after school, lunch help). *
12. Please share one way to improve your experience here at North Garner Middle. *
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