AI 101 Knowledge Self-Assessment
Our knowledge self-assessment is a tool you can use to determine how well you know the content you will be presenting. It will touch upon three main parts: the mechanics of AI, the ethics of AI, and the impact of AI. If you need to brush up on any of these, here are some resources we recommend:

This tool is entirely for your purposes -- nobody will be checking how well you do, so take the quiz fairly and use it to judge whether you need to brush up on any topics related to AI. Being confident in your own knowledge of AI will allow you to be more flexible and honest during the workshop and better answer any questions that students might have.
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Which of these are examples of AI? *
6 points
What does ANI stand for? *
1 point
What does AGI stand for? *
1 point
Are these examples of ANI or AGI? *
5 points
Driverless car
Facebook autotag
True or False? *
5 points
Scientists have built examples of AGI
It is easy to explain why an AI model made a specific decision
AI Engineers spend most of their time collecting and cleaning data
Your smartphone uses AI
The AI Effect is the idea that by 2100, everything will use AI
A neural network is made up of *
1 point
True or False *
6 points
There are lots of regulations about where we should and should not use AI
Bias is not a problem in AI, since decisions are made by machines
AI is only as good as the data it learns from
If an AI model makes a bad decision, it is nobody’s fault
A self-driving car can still get into an accident
Scientists all agree that AI should not be used to build autonomous weaponry
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