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We offer a contract service for temporary housing specifically for young professionals and interns. Let us know if you would like a room in one of the houses on our site. You can secure a stay in one of our rooms on a Month-to-Month basis for the period of time you prefer. We have the rooms available for you for the duration of your stay.

No Long Leases and No Security Deposit is Necessary!

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Please use this page to make a request for a Reservation or a Tour and find more information here. Please enter the following information. No information from this form will be used for spamming, third party sites, or solicitation for services offered by third parties. This is used strictly to keep track of who we need to contact and to be diligent and expedient in our response to your inquiry.

You can Book a Reservation or a Take a Tour from submitting the form Here! Just answer a few questions about your preferences and that's it.

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Let's get started , so we can help quickly! So first, tell us about you and this way we can help you faster.
We primarily provide services to Interns, so tell is if you are one. Afterwards, the following question are for you to select from what we have available and when you need it. After this section, we will require contact information to proceed further to either Book a reservation or a Tour of the rooms we have available. Answer the questions and then click Continue.
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