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🌎  Introducing: the Study Together! tutor program!

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What is the tutor program?
- A place for individual students/enthusiasts to form tutor groups & help other students on the Discord server.

How do I get recognized, as an official tutor?
- With a unique, colorized subject-specific tutor role & badge that makes you stand out from the rest. Only ST! official tutors get this role.

What is my job as a tutor?
- To answer questions regarding your specific subject in the #choose-subject channels, to help maintain & improve the tutor program in the tutor-only Discord server by sharing idea's with staff, developers & other tutors!

What subjects are available to teach?
- Accountancy, Art/design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, History, Law, Literature, Math, Medicine, Musicology, Physics, Psychology

Who can sign up to be a Study Together! official tutor?
- We have three requirements: (1) You should have proper knowledge of the subject that you want to teach; (2) You should have activity in your subject help channel and (3) You should be of the age of 18+.

If you are interested in entering the tutor program & being one of the first groups of tutors, you can apply below! If your form is accepted, we will reach out to you via your Discord account within 10 working days.

Note: Activity in the subject-help channels is required! If you are applying to be a math tutor, we expect you to have helped people before in the #math channel, for instance. Make sure to have activity before applying, as this helps us analyze the quality and frequency of your answers.
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What subject would you like to tutor? *
Note: Multiple subjects allowed, as long as you master them.
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How many hours a day do you think you can be available to offer tutoring help via chat, to other students on the server? *
This doesn't mean you have to be staring at the server, just setting the proper notifications and responding to questions (that you can answer) as they come in. You won't be held to this, just trying to get a feel for the availability of the team at large.
What part(s) of the day are you most active on Discord? Alternatively, when would you be most available to offer tutoring help via chat? *
Note: Local time
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