Reform and Repression in China VBQ
Watch the video below, listen actively, and answer the questions that follow. Probably the best way to do this is to read first question, start watching, pause once you encounter the information you need to respond to the question, then read next question before pressing play again.
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Deng Xiaoping’s role in transforming China
How forty years of reform and opening up have transformed China
Deng Xiaoping helped move China toward a *
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How did Deng Xiaoping improve diplomatic relations? *
What other economic reforms or changes did Deng Xiaoping bring to China? Give at least TWO specific examples. *
What positive impacts did Deng's actions have on China? *
What negative impacts did Deng's actions have on China? *
Do you think this source is biased? If so, in what way, and on what do you base that judgment? *
Everything But Democracy (MUST READ)
We have seen this story before. We saw it with the Ottoman Empire at the very end during the Tanzimat Reforms. We saw it more recently in Iran under the Shah. Rulers offer reforms to modernize and improve the economy. The people respond with, "Hey, cool, but how about also Democracy?" And the government says, "Nah, we're good. That's enough reform for right now." And then the people get mad and protest and, well, I think you know what happens next...
Tank Man: what happened at Tiananmen Square?
What Happened In Tiananmen Square?
The Chinese government censors all mention of June 4, 1989
What were the students in Tiananmen Square protesting for? *
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How did the Chinese government respond to the protests? *
HOW and WHY do you think the Chinese government prevents people in China from learning about Tiananmen Square? *
What does "Tank Man" represent to you? *
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How did the protests in China in 1989 differ from the protests in Iran under the Shah leading up to 1979? How did the two countries take different paths? *
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