Candelles Customer Insight Survey
Take a few minutes to answer this survey and help us build our brand into exactly what our customers are looking for. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience for you, so we greatly appreciate your time and honesty.

As a way to say thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedules for us, we'll be selecting FOUR customers who take this survey to each receive a $25 gift card to our shop, and one extra lucky customer to win a $100 gift card!

Customers will be chosen at randomly and will be notified on January 4th.
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Have you ever placed an order with Candelles? *
Have you ever purchased one of our candles from another shop? *
If so, please list where. *
Have you ever been gifted one of our candles? *
Do you normally buy candles for yourself or as gifts? *
Do you gift our candles? *
What is your biggest hesitancy in placing an order with Candelles? *
If you select other, please explain.
If offered a freebie with your order, which of the following would you like to receive? *
If there was one thing you'd change about Candelles, what would it be? *
If there was one thing you never want to change about Candelles, what would it be? *
Do you prefer a candle with or without a lid? *
Have your heard about our Candelles Monthly candle subscription? *
Does a monthly candle subscription seem like something you'd be interested in? *
Would you prefer a monthly or quarterly candle subscription? *
How likely would you gift a monthly candle subscription to a friend or family member? *
Not likely
Very likely.
What is your favorite Candelles collection? *
Do you prefer our seasonal or themed collections? *
Are you a fan of our artist collaboration candles? *
Who would you like to see us do a collaboration candle with in 2021? *
Do you like our current branding for each candle vessel? *
Tell us about what your most ideal candle would look and smell like. *
When is your favorite time of year to have candles lit in your home? *
What time of year is the least likely you have candles lit in your home? *
What is the main purpose for lighting candles in your home? *
Tell us about your most ideal time to light a candle in your home. *
Examples: right after cleaning the house, to relax after work, when taking a bath
Do you feel like your burn candles more since stay at home orders have been in place due to COVID-19? *
Since the start of COVID-19, do you prefer shopping online for your home goods? *
Do you feel like you've spent more or less on home goods during 2020 vs. 2019? *
With COVID-19 restrictions implemented, are you currently working from home or going to work each day? *
What is your favorite type of sale? *
Do you wish we'd expand our product line? *
If so, what do you think we should expand into? *
On a scale of 1-10, how do you like our fragrance selection? *
Not at all.
Your variety is perfect!
On a scale of 1-10, how do you like our branding? *
Not at all.
I wouldn't change a thing!
On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel about the quality of our candles? *
They're awful.
They're incredible!
On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel about our customer service? *
Not great.
List up to 5 Candelles fragrances that are your absolute favorites and you never want to retire. *
List up to 5 Candelles fragrances that you do not like or would never consider ordering. *
Tell us about a scent you'd love us to have but don't sell currently. *
What is preferred way of receiving updates + news about Candelles? *
Check all outlets in which you follow Candelles + receive our updates. *
Would you be interested in getting text notifications about Candelles? *
These would be limited and only sent for launches, sales, and other important announcements. We won't be spammy.
Do you like reading brand blog posts? *
If yes, what types of blog posts would you be most interested in from Candelles? *
Would you prefer buying our candles in a local boutique over our online shop? *
For an extra entry, please list one (or more!) of your favorite local boutiques in your area where you think our candles would fit in great.
Please provide a URL, Facebook page, Instagram, or email address to qualify. We want to get in touch with them for you! (Including big box stores like Target or Macy's do not count, sorry.)
Additional Comment/Concerns
If you have anything else you'd like to voice (good or bad!) about Candelles that we didn't bring it up in our survey, please take some time to list them below. We want to make sure all bases are covered, so we greatly appreciate your comments!
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