Sign-On Letter Calling on Seattle to Lead the United States on International Climate Finance
The Trump Administration has pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement and reneged on the U.S. government’s promise to deliver $2 billion dollars in funding to the Green Climate Fund, a key channel for international climate finance, which helps developing countries pursue low-carbon and climate resilient development.

International climate finance is a central part of global climate action. The United States—as both the wealthiest nation and the largest carbon polluter in history—has a particularly strong responsibility to contribute its fair share.
We therefore call on the City of Seattle to lead on climate action and help make up for the reneged promises and misguided actions of the Trump Administration. The City of Seattle should:

• Make a contribution to international climate finance, to help fulfill City Council Resolution 31757. The resolution affirms Seattle’s “commitment to meet or exceed goals established in the Paris Agreement” and recognizes international climate finance as central to doing so.
• Lead a broader coalition of individuals, organizations, companies, cities, states, counties, and municipalities across the United States in contributing to international climate finance.

Individuals and organizations can both sign onto this letter below.

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Background Information
In June 2017, following Donald Trump's decision to withdraw form the Paris Agreement and break America's promise to the Green Climate Fund, Seattle passed a resolution both recommitting to the Paris Climate Agreements and recognizing the responsibility to contribute to the Green Climate Fund. The resolution called on Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment to research options for collaborating with other city and state governments—as well as communities and the private sector—to work toward U.S. climate commitments, including support for the Green Climate Fund. Seattle is yet to commit to delivering on this promise, and so this letter, led by a collection of non-profits and local climate justice advocates, serves as a show of support for Seattle to honor their ground-breaking commitment, and make a contribution to international climate finance through a multilateral climate fund, such as the Green Climate Fund or the Least Developed Countries Fund. Recognizing the importance of working with the rest of America, we also call on Seattle to help lead a broader coalition of citizens, companies, cities, states, counties, and municipalities across the United States in contributing to international climate finance.

For more details, follow this link for a more in-depth supporting report:
For questions or comments regarding this letter, please email Alex Lenferna <>.

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