Faith Formation Survey
COVID-19 is in process of transitioning our lives into a new normal. As we adapt together to this "new normal", we want to use every resource at our disposal to help families connect to God and each other. Your responses will help us to determine the best resources to support you and you child's faith formation and empower you as primary teacher of faith to your child. REQUIRED *
This survey will close Sept. 21,2020.
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If you have more than one child, are devices available for student to participate in class at various grade levels ?
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What type of device do you and your child use for internet access? Please check that apply. * *
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We are considering a distance learning format for faith formation. If we were to offer classes, what would your preference be? * *
Would you be willing to "sit in" and participate in Faith formation Class if necessary ? * *
Do you log on to STA's Live Stream on to Masses ? * CHECK ANY THAT APPLY *
Does you child (children) accompany you in participate when appropriate (i.e. singing, praying, reciting responsorial) during STA Live Stream . (Check all that apply) * *
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Thanks for completing this survey. We look forward to working together forming disciples . Msgr. Raymond G. East & STA Youth Faith Formation Team
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