The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea: Which Character Are You?
Which of these best describes you?
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You're at the seaside for the day. Would you rather:
It's time to let your hair down. Are you most likely to be:
You've been invited to a party with a plus-one. Do you take:
It's your birthday. What's top of your wish list?
What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
What do you most look for in a potential partner?
Family is...
If you were a fairground attraction, what would you be?
Mostly As
You are Willow.

Willow is a creative and loving person. She tries to keep her happy face on even when things aren't working out as she'd like. She has great hopes for the future, and clings to them when times are tough. She's a fighter and won't give up.

Mostly Bs
You are Melody.

Melody can be a closed book at times, but she is loyal to her friends and has a creative flair. She doesn't always believe in herself and lacks confidence in her abilities. She needs to have more faith in herself because when she does, she can conquer the world!

Mostly Cs
You are Mae.

Mae is sensible and likes to consider her options before jumping into anything. She's hardworking and family is at the centre of her world. She's outwardly confident, but beneath the surface she isn't as self-assured as she presents.

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