Sprout Volunteer Opportunities
We are excited to announce that the annual Sprout fundraiser for Waltham Fields Community Farm will be on June 15th, 6:30-9:30pm at the Charles River Museum of Industry. Volunteer help with Sprout is critical to its success. We are hoping that you will participate this year as a member of a team. We encourage you to lead a team if you are able.

Some tasks are in preparation for Sprout and some are needed on the day of the event. We are happy to work with you to find a role which suits your interest and availability.

As a thank you for your help, we welcome our Sprout volunteers to attend the event for free and help us celebrate another year on the farm.

Please read the descriptions below and mark yes to ALL teams which interest you. Unless you choose to be, you will not be assigned to multiple teams. We will contact you about getting started.

Thank you!
The WFCF 2018 Sprout Committee

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1. Auction Procurement Team
This team will assist in asking for and following up on auction items. This will include the soliciting and tracking of the receipt of items.
For Auction Procurement, please choose one: *
2. Guest Experience Team
From greeting the guests with a warm welcome to handling money, members of this team will be responsible for the check-in and registration process. They will be available to answer questions and will direct guests to the registration table. Guest Experience volunteers will also assist bidders before and after the silent auction. This role is especially great for people who are familiar with Sprout's flow and the layout of the event.
For Guest Experience, please choose one: *
3. Setup Team
Setup volunteers will work in teams to arrange tables and chairs, hang decorations and signs, display items for the silent auction, setup food/bar stations, registration table, and equipment. Setup is perfect for those who can lift heavy objects, work collaboratively, and pay attention to detail. This team will also keep an eye on the auction items to make sure that guests do not tamper with them.
For Setup, please choose one: *
4. Communications Team
Members of this team will help get the word out about Sprout- papering the town with flyers, encouraging ticket sales, and updating the event on social media channels. They will also help with mailings, and at the end, aid in writing timely thank you notes to donors and volunteers. Lastly, they will participate in creating questions for the survey to be sent to guests after Sprout.
For Communications, please choose one: *
5. Breakdown Team
This group of volunteers’ sole purpose is to show up at the end and pitch in on the clean up. We’ll need people who can quickly and efficiently clean up the facility: fold up tables, carry out the trash, stack chairs, remove decorations, sweep up, and load auction equipment and supplies into cars to return to the office. This is perfect for people who can work quickly and lift heavy items.
For Breakdown, please choose one: *
6. Fundraising and Development Team
Do you enjoy raising money for a cause? Have innovative ideas on raising funds? Along with Lelia, our Executive Director and Myriam, our event coordinator, this team will provide input and participate in raising funds to support Sprout.
For Fundraising and Development, please choose one: *
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If there are other ways you'd like to be involved with WFCF or Sprout, please let us know. Thank you!
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