Application for Membership
All Shapes And Sizes (ASAS) - Revised on the 03/03/2017
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Qualifications for membership
Membership is open to persons over the age of 16 years who wish to further the objects of the charity, All Shapes And Sizes. An employee of the charity shall not be eligible for membership; a person who becomes an employee of the charity after admission to membership shall automatically cease to be a member.
Application for Membership
Any person who wishes to become a member must sign, and lodge with the charity, a written Application for Membership. The management committee may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership. The management committee shall consider each application for membership at the first management committee meeting which is held after receipt of the application; the management committee shall, within a reasonable time after the meeting, notify the applicant of its decision on the application.
Withdrawal from membership
Any person who wishes to withdraw from membership shall sign, and lodge with the charity, a written notice to that effect; on receipt of the notice by the charity, she/he shall cease to be a member.
Expulsion from membership
Any person may be expelled from membership by way of a resolution passed by majority vote at a general meeting (meeting of members), providing the following procedures have been observed: (a) At least 21 days’ notice of the intention to propose the resolution must be given to the member concerned, specifying the grounds for the proposed expulsion. (b) The member concerned shall be entitled to be heard on the resolution at the general meeting at which the resolution is proposed.
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