Phase Keyboard IC
Interest check for those who may be interested in joining me on running this keyboard. Price is TBD.

Render Album:

- 60% Layout
- 6063 Aluminum
- 304 Mirror-polished Stainless-Steel Weight
- Curved side-profile
- JST Daughterboard, USB-C
- Alignment pins

Group buy will likely be a small run of 25 - 40 units depending on the interest.

Side Profile
Color Options? (currently just listed ones I may be interested in)
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Layouts you may be interested in?
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Plates you may be interested in?
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Weight material?
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Any thoughts, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.
I will most likely make a TKL layout next. Yes or no.
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Thank you for filling out / reading the IC form for this GB! It would be awesome if I could fulfill my idea of my own board, and bring a handful of others along with. If this goes well, I would be inclined to run more projects in the future.

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