Follow Up: 2019 US Open
Thank you for joining us here in Arizona for the 2019 US Open. We hope you had a great time. Work has already started on the 50th US Open which will be in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.

So we can make next year even better, please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

See you in California in October 2020.
2019 US Open Survey
Overall - How satisfied were you with the event? *
How was the entry and registration process for getting into the US Open? *
Difficult - Confusing
Easy and Quick
Did the web page have the information you needed when you needed it? *
Hardly ever - too late, too confusing
Always - on time and what I needed to know
How did it go when you were at the registration site getting signed in and picking up your kit? *
Not well - slow, confusing, frustrating
Smooth - in & out quickly
How were the tournament logistics - while you were competing - did you know where, when, what was going on and where you were supposed to be *
Confusing - Unclear - Complicated
Excellent - Clear & Concise
To reduce the number of byes, do you prefer to: *
Overall - How did you find the greens? *
If you volunteered for the US Open - How was you experience?
Not Good! Confusing and I didn't feel appreciated
I would sign up again
How likely are you to sign up to play in or volunteer for the 2020 US Open? *
Not a chance!
Can't wait
What are 2 things we could do to improve the 2020 US Open?
Your answer
Any other overall feedback for the event?
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