Runway to Hope 2019 HOPE Program Application
The Runway to Hope team is ecstatic you have officially hit five year or more in remission! What a wonderful moment for you and your family. With your new accomplishment, we would love for you to join our HOPE Program.

HOPE Program:

Runway to Hope is very passionate about celebrating the success of pediatric cancer child and their milestones! With your child’s accomplishment, we invite you to join our HOPE Program.

To be a part of the 2019 HOPE Program your child must meet the following requirements:

1. Your child has been diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer.
2. Your child has completed 5 years or more in remission from their pediatric cancer.

Being a part of the HOPE Program includes:

1. Being a Volunteer Buddy at the Bloomingdale’s Bashes to help our models choose their clothing for the runway on either March 9th and/or March 10th. Being a Volunteer Buddy includes escorting the model around Bloomingdale’s to choose their clothing for the runway, enjoy the activities with them, and spend time with the model to inspire HOPE!
2. The child will receive one (1) complimentary ticket for the 2019 Runway to Hope Spring Fashion Soiree. Additionally, two (2) complimentary tickets will be available for the survivor’s parents or guardians.
3. The child will be allowed to have their hair and makeup done before the event upstairs with the models and then will be escorted downstairs to sit with their parents in the ballroom during the show. *If you child would like to stay with the other children in the greenroom during the duration of the show that is an option as well.
4. If you are new to the HOPE program (Previously known as the Survivorship Program) and have not received a Runway to Hope Survivorship Medal, there will be a small ceremony upstairs on the night of the Spring Fashion Soiree to present the medal to the child who has reached this incredible accomplishment!
5. If your child is 13 or older, they will be called back during the show to prepare to walk the runway with their model and escort them down the runway as a HOPE Escort.

*Please note the child will not receive an outfit from Bloomingdale’s or Runway to Hope for the event. The child can wear their personal clothes on the Runway in what they feel comfortable in.

We are very excited for this new program and look forward for the HOPE Children to spread their light to the current models still in active treatment.

The Spring Fashion Soiree is hosted at Rosen Shingle Creek on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. If the child is not able to make both events, Bloomingdale's bashes and Spring Fashion Soiree, Please contact Peggy Carter at or call 407-802-1544 x201.

Please fill out the following form completely and you will receive an email confirmation for your application.

If you have any questions please call Peggy Carter at 407-802-1544. Thank you and we are looking forward to your child being an inspiration for others!

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