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The following questions will help me best assess if a one on one coaching package is a good fit for your goals and what you're looking to achieve. 

Once complete, please allow 24 hours for a follow up (text or email) so we can schedule a time to talk through specifics about the potential of moving forward. 

Important: God is my CEO in everything I do and will be part of any coaching program we may embark upon.
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What are your hobbies *
What are the top 3 things (in any category) that you'd like to achieve over the next year? *
What are your faith goals in regards to your relationship with the Lord over the next year?

(Ex: I want to have a 30 minute quiet time each morning. 
I'm looking to make prayer part of more of my day.
I want to memorize more scripture, etc...

What are you hoping to achieve by working together (be very specific) *
What is your timeline for reaching your goals?  *
Where is your energy on this scale with 1 being the lowest possible and 10 being the highest possible: *
Terrible...I'm barely functioning
Amazing! More energy than I know what to do with!
What physical limitations do you have, if any? *
What are you currently doing for physical activity, if any? *
Do you have any dietary preferences or restrictions? *
How much time per week are you able to commit to reaching your goals?  *
What do you feel has prevented you thus far from reaching your goals? *
Do you have people in your life who will support the time and financial commitment it will take to achieve all that you desire to achieve in our time working together?

What would you be willing to spend in the course of the next year in order to reach the milestones of health in the following areas: 
improved energy, an elevated mindset, increased mobility, & fitness/nutrition accountability?

If choosing "other" please provide an amount per year OR per month.
What else would you like for me to know about you? 
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