Albuquerque High School Student Survey
Please answer these questions about your experience at Albuquerque High School. Your answers will help us make AHS a more student-centered school. This survey is anonymous and your responses cannot be used to identify you. Thank you for participating.
What grade are you? *
What were your successes last semester? *
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What are your goals for this coming semester?
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What messages did you receive from your teachers and other adults at Albuquerque High School?
All adults communicated this
Most adults communicated this
Some adults communicated this
Few adults communicated this
No adults communicated this
The most important thing at school is learning
Attendance at school is very important
You can achieve your dreams
Adults are here to help you
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What supports and procedures are there at Albuquerque High School to support your achievement?
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What helps you as a student?
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What obstacles do you have that prevent your success as a student?
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What motivates you for success?
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What outside and school influences do you have that affects your school performance?
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What is your experience with cheating at school?
I often do this myself
I occasionally do this myself
I never cheat
I allow others to do this using my work
I see others doing this often
I occasionally see others doing this
I never see others doing this
Copying daily assignments or homework
Copying tests or projects
Completing tests or projects for others
Using online resources or apps to cheat
Is cheating a problem at school?
What helps or hurts your learning?
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What would you like the teachers, administrators and other adults at Albuquerque High School to know?
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What suggestions do you have to make Albuquerque High School a better place for all students?
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