Conservation Club Spring Madness Fundraisers
Hello Everyone, Conservation Club will be doing several different fundraisers this spring. Each month we will be featuring a different mask designed by a student with the proceeds going to a different conservation group. We will also be doing a reusable water bottle fundraiser and a keychain fundraiser. All are described below. Money can be dropped off at school or mailed in to Miss Halsey. MONEY NEEDS TO BE TURNED IN BEFORE WE ORDER SO BY March 12th. Items should be in by March 26th and will be able to be picked up at the Jr/Sr HS. Checks can be made out to APWECAF with Conservation Club in the memo. Contact Miss Halsey at if you have any questions
Mask Fundraiser: For this month we are raising funds for the Wolf Conservation Center located in South Salem, NY (near NYC). Like the name sounds, this organization focuses on wolf conservation. This months mask was designed by 7th grader Evangelynn Britton. Masks cost $10. How many masks would you like to order (if you don't want a mask put 0)? *
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Water Bottle: One of Conservation Club's goal is to reduce the use of single use plastics. This year we will be focusing on reusable water bottles. While these water bottles are made out of plastic since it is reusable we hope to reduce the use of the single use packs. Next year we hope to upgrade to metal bottles. Proceeds for this fundraiser goes to the general club fund which will help with future projects once Covid restrictions are lifted. Water bottle design was by 8th grader Lauren Goodberry. Cost of the water bottle is $5. How many water bottles would you like to buy (put 0 if you don't want one)? *
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Keychain Fundraiser: This is a fundraiser that we unfortunately had to end short last year because of school going remote when Covid first hit. Our goal was to raise funds for The Australia Zoo to help with animals harmed by the horrible wild fires. While the fires have since calmed down, there are still animals who need care. Some for the rest of their lives. Money raised by the key chains will still go to the Australia Zoo. The key chains are made from the same material as a stress ball so its like getting two things for the price of one. Keychains cost $2. How many keychains would you like to order (put 0 if you don't want any)? *
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