HenHouse Brewing Donations Request Form
Thanks for thinking of us, and for all the work that you do! We'd love to help.
Below you'll find our donation rules, please read these before applying:

1. In order to be compliant with CA Alcoholic Beverage Control a California brewery cannot donate merchandise, gift cards, etc. - We are, however, able to donate beer to serve or for raffle/auction.

2. Donations must be picked up at our Santa Rosa tasting room during donation pick up hours 10am-1pm on Thursdays. Pick ups must be scheduled in advance. Must be 21+ to pick up donated beer.

3. Due to ABC regulations we can only donate beer to serve at your event if your organization is a tax exempt 501c3 non profit (with IRS approved federal tax ID #) OR your non-profit obtains a one-day event license from the ABC.
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*Due to legal restrictions imposed by federal and state laws, HenHouse Brewing Company cannot donate beer for "benefits" or "fundraisers" to restaurants, bars, golf courses or other establishments which own their own permanent liquor license unless the establishments "surrender" their license for the area sanctioned for the event.
Will you be obtaining a one day event license from the ABC? *
*If you plan on charging an admission fee to your event and/or charging for the beer...you may need to apply for a one-day liquor license or special event permit through ABC.
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