1:1 Business Coaching [Application Form]
So you're contemplating signing up for my 1:1 Business Coaching Program...this is SO amazing!

But I also know you're scared and a little apprehensive.

I get it.

It's OK.

You are in safe hands.

Here's my commitment to you:

• I know what it's like to be in your shoes, to be a little bit hesitant. But I'm here to hold space for you. I believe in you and I know you can do this.

• This is a very safe, sacred space. It doesn't matter what experience or expertise you carry with you. It doesn't matter how many months or days or years you've been a designer / creative. All that matters is that you have a dream, you are ambitious and want help turning your dream into a reality.

• You can do this. You are an intelligent, capable woman who is meant to do big things. I can help.

If you're wondering what's included in my 1:1 Program, here is a quick summary:

1. Online Course Curriculum – learn all the ins and outs of branding, marketing, and sales

2. 6 months of 1:1 Coaching – you and me for 60 minutes every second week. We'll dive deep into all things mindset, navigating business ownership and how to manage that human brain of ours

3. Direct DM + Chat – because I want you to know I'm by your side every day and ready to help at any time

My program is like nothing else you'll find on the market. We focus on all things marketing, money + mindset specifically for creative women.

How much is your investment?

$9,997USD paid up two instalments ($4,998.50USD up front, with second payment du 60 days later)

Yes it's a significant investment. But it also provides a radical transformation in your business. It's 100% worth every penny.

Of course, if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Now, let's get on with gathering a bit more information about you so we can see if we're a good fit for one another.


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What area of your business do you struggle with the most? No need to stress. You wouldn't be applying for this program if everything was rainbows and lollipops.
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