Walk With Us Project: Community Map
Teachers, students, storytellers! If you've built virtual tours showcasing your school and/or community and want to share your stories, please fill out the fields below to add your part of the world to the Walk With Us Community Map. Once you've submitted your tour link(s), they will be attached to your location on the map. Let's visit as many communities as we can and learn from the locals - you and me.
Where are you located? Please type your community name and province. *
Example: Timmins, Ontario
Paste your virtual tour link(s) below.
By pasting your link(s), you give permission to Walk With Us to publish your tour to the Walk With Us community map. If you would like to post multiple tours, please separate the links with commas. If you are using Google's Tour Creator, you must first publish to Poly in order to copy a link to your tour.
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