Kaleo West Jobs (Offer)
Did you get offered a job for the summer? Please fill this out to let us know so that we can approve of your job before you accept it! We will also have you fill out a form with your employer's signature for final approval once we arrive in Orlando.

Job Requirements & Rules:
1. No conflicts with project activities.
- Students must be off by 5:00 PM on workdays, (5:30 PM with approval).
     - You cannot start/finish work before/after the work dates for the project (May 29th - July 23rd). 
- Absolutely no work on Sunday or Monday.
- No participant can work <35 hours or >45 hours (40 hours is preferred) without approval from Jobs Director.
- D-Group leaders cannot work on Tuesdays.
2. All jobs must be approved by the Jobs Director before you may accept the job. Once you have talked verbally with an employer, you must notify the jobs director.
3. No job can be terminated by a student without the approval of the Project Director.
4. No jobs can be accepted where your primary function is to serve alcoholic beverages (such as at a bar) or where you are placed in any compromising situation.
5. You cannot stay home from work unless the reason is health related. You must obtain the Project Director’s approval to miss work.
What is your name? *
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Where did you get an offer? *
Who is the person that hired you? Please include first/last name & email address or phone number *
What are your work days? *
When will you finish work each day? *
What are your estimated weekly hours? *
Are you taking summer classes? If so, how many hours are you enrolled for? *
I agree that I will follow the Kaleo Job requirements AND I will make sure my employer knows them. *
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