A survey on care and support in Point Roberts

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey. Our intention for collecting this information is to determine what sort of services and/or facilities you, your neighbors, and other Point Roberts residents would like to see in our community.

It's important that we hear from as many residents as possible so that when we begin fund-raising and seeking grants, we can state that the project is a collective vision, something that the entire community is supporting.

We appreciate your providing us with your name and contact information in hopes of ensuring that our data is representative of as many residents as possible. We promise that your personal information will not be shared with any other organization or business.

Please answer only those questions that apply to you and your household. If you are helping someone fill out the survey just answer all questions as if you are them.
Point Roberts Circle of Care
Connecting residents with volunteer and professional services so they can stay in their homes and community
1) Is your long term plan to live out your days at the Point, hopefully in your own home?
2) Remaining in your own home (as opposed to moving) may be more feasible and your quality of life improved with added services and support. Please indicate on the list below what would be helpful for you:
3) What services or support do you need now or anticipate needing in the next five to ten years?
Home Health Support (Home care aide or visiting nurse)
Occupational therapy
Physical Therapy
Mental health
Expanded Tele-Health and medical services
Respite care
Safety check-in (medic alert, personal check ins,)
Help with household chores, maintenance and repairs.
Meal prep/ delivery?
Transportation to appointments, errands, etc
Affordable long-term housing
Technical support (internet, laptop, tablet etc)
Access to Circle of Care offerings and services
Clear selection
4) Have you talked with family members about elder care options?
5) If you were to become ill or be injured do you anticipate that family or friends could assist you while you recover?
6) How much in-home caregiving do you think your family member(s) would be willing or able to provide you?
7) If your family members could provide the caregiving services that you need or might need, for how long could they do so? (Caregiving includes personal care, household services, bathing dressing
As long as I need it
I don't know
Personal care
Cooking and shopping
Household chores
Clear selection
8) Do you believe that there is adequate support for seniors and families living with disabilities in the Point Roberts community?
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