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She/he would work with children ages 7 to 15 at a residential summer camp. We would appreciate your honest answers to the following questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Call our office at 973-845-9260 or email the director, Tom Riddleberger ( Information about staff positions at our summer camp can be found at
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Please rate the applicant on these criteria. Skip if you have not observed the applicant in this area.
5=Outstanding 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=Below Average 1=Insufficient
Demonstrates knowledge of child growth and development.
Uses positive reinforcement rather than negative criticism of children.
Uses appropriate chain of command in solving problems.
Can be flexible and adjust to new and changing situations.
Evaluates self; makes an effort to improve.
Reacts calmly and sensibly during times of stress.
Works cooperatively with others.
Takes necessary safety precautions with children.
Expresses a sense of humor.
Accepts criticisms and suggestions.
Fulfills responsibilities without requiring excessive amounts of reassurance and praise.
Demonstrates a sense of caring for and responsibility to others including clients and colleagues.
Practives effective listening and communication skills.
Practices good personal hygiene.
Serves as a positive role model for children by exemplifying high standards of integrity and personal character.
In relation to the position applied for, what are the applicant's most notable STRENGTHS?
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In relation to the position applied for, what are the applicant's most notable WEAKNESSES?
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Please comment on the specific skills this applicant possesses for the position:
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The use of cigarettes, alcohol or illegal substances are prohibited at our camp 24-hours-a-day. Do you believe that this would cause any difficulty for the applicant or the camp?
If yes, please explain:
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Would you want this person to work with your child/niece/nephew at a summer camp?
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