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The Rotary Mentorship Program is a fantastic opportunity for Rotaractors to get to know a local professional who can offer advice ranging from careers to life tips in general. Where you meet and what discuss or do is completely up to the two of you!

Please take these guidelines into consideration as you sign up.
1) Meet once a month OR at least 3 times per semester.
2) Fill out the mentorship update form after each meeting (so we can stay updated on how it's going!). We will send it via email once a month, but feel free to fill it out as many times as you need. It will be the same form every time.
3) We will send out more detailed information once the pairings have been made.

They are not requirements, but we strongly recommend mentees to follow them in order to get the most out of the program.

We hope you find your perfect Rotarian pair!
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