2021 Scholarship Application – Clear Beliefs Coach Training
Please use this form to apply for a partial scholarship so you can join the Clear Beliefs Coach Training. Our scholarships are based on

1) Your qualifications (work as a coach, therapist or healer),
2) Your need and limitations,
3) Your background (especially if you work for a non-profit, or are a veteran or teacher), and
4) How much $ can you contribute toward the cost of the training? (The further you can stretch, the further
we can stretch to meet you).

This is a very rigorous training, requiring six to ten hours per week to keep up. We set high expectations for students on scholarships, believing that they will work as hard, or harder, than students who pay full tuition. Unless you can commit to that, please don't apply. We also expect you to "Pay It Forward," meaning that after being trained, you will offer scholarships or free coaching to others in need.

After you submit the application, you will be contacted by one of our staff to have a consultation (usually within a week, sometimes two). If we do offer you a scholarship, it will be partial (we don't offer total scholarships), and you will need to pay the remainder immediately, or in four monthly payments by credit card.

Please complete ALL of the questions to the best of your ability.

We appreciate you, and we thank you for your interest in the training.

Lion Goodman and the Clear Beliefs Team
Date of this submission: *
Full Name *
Your location? (City, State, Country)
Phone #, Skype, or other ways to contact you
How did you learn about the training? *
What are your current life circumstances? (Family, community, economics, health, work, etc.) *
How do you serve others currently? How do you plan on serving others in the future? And if you are accepted into the program, how will you apply the Clear Beliefs Method in your work and life?
What are the financial circumstances that prompt you to apply for a scholarship? (Be detailed, including approximate income and expenses. Your answers are 100% confidential.) *
If you enter the program, how committed are you to doing whatever it takes, including study and practice, to graduate from the program? (6 to 10 hours every week for 20 weeks) *
Hardly at all
Absolutely 100% committed.
What else should we know about you to consider granting you a scholarship? *
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