2019 Racket How to Design Languages Financial Aid Application
This is the form for applying for financial aid to attend the How to Design Languages workshop at the 2019 Racket Week.

Event details at: http://school.racket-lang.org/2019/index.html

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If funded, will you also attend RacketCon? *
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If you are funded, we will provide lodging and up to $500 in airfare reimbursement. How much airfare reimbursement will you require? *
The number you enter here is the maximum you will eventually be reimbursed. If you answer less than $500, we will allocate the excess to bringing more students to the event. If you end up spending more than $500, you will be reimbursed $500. Please make as accurate an estimate as you can so we can maximize the number of students that may be funded.
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