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Congratulations on making a game! Making a board game can be a rewarding experience: seeing others playing and enjoying something that you have created.

As a board game convention ShepparCon wants to promote and encourage game design as much as possible. Supporting game designers will help to continue to grow the hobby we all know and love.

At #ShepparCon2018 we have 2 events on offer for designers.

The main event is the #ShepparCon2018 ProtoSPIEL. A ProtoSPIEL is an organised designer meetup to test each others games, no matter what the level of completion or how good or bad they look (I have brought games made of sticky notes). As long as it is a playable prototype. All games, and all designers, are welcome.

The ProtoSPIEL will be held on Sunday the 8th July from 10.30am to 4.30pm. It is expected that if you bring a game to test, you will also help test others' games in the other time slots throughout the day.

The day will be divided into 3 time slots from 1.5 to 2 hours each. During each slot you will break into assigned groups to play each others' games, and provide feedback to the designer. We will then change groups and go through the process again, and so on. You will get to playtest a single game for the ProtoSPIEL (enter details below) but don't let this stop you from bringing others to play over the weekend!

This brings us to our second offering, the Designer Table. This will be held on Saturday the 7th and consist of dedicated table space for 4 hours for you to test any and all your games with the general public. We would recommend more polished prototypes than what you would bring to the ProtoSPIEL event. If you would like to book a slot, select YES to the relevant question below.

Once you fill out the form, leave it with us to organise time slots for everyone and we will be in touch with you a week before the con :)


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