Churchill Alternative Schoolyard Rejuvenation Project: Contribute to our Visioning Process
Grounded in Play, the Churchill Alternative Schoolyard Rejuvenation Project, has launched!

A committee of Churchill parents and staff are facilitating a process to rejuvenate and update our well-used structure and we’ll be considering the entire outdoor space in the visioning process. Such a process will aim to ensure that our yard not only continues to provide our children with fundamental skills (such as gross motor development, imaginative thinking, and cooperative play), but that it does so in a way that embeds a commitment to alternative educational ideals, environmental stewardship, and a connection to nature - all year-round!

We're now asking parents and guardians to contribute to this process by providing your feedback below.

If you have any questions or want to help advance this schoolyard rejuvenation process please contact Carolyn Webb, committee co-chair, at

1) What have you and your family loved about the Churchill schoolyard?
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2) What problems / challenges have you seen with the schoolyard?
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The Churchill Mission Statement embodies the goals of:
Partnerships, Responsibility, Individual success, Mutual respect, Fostering a love of the arts, Modeling lifelong learning and Developing a sense of community.
Our school code is:
Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of This Place
The school has the following Core Alternative Tenets:
• Non-competition, Cooperation and Intrinsic Motivation
• Child-centered – directed learning
• Multi-aged groupings
• Innovative and differentiated learning environments
• Extensive family involvement
• Organic learning and assessment
• Community and global outreach
3) How could a renewed schoolyard better reflect our school's identity?
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4) What would a schoolyard look like that lent itself to winter play and exploration?
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5) Do you have any ideas that could be tested, or immediate actions that could be taken, to enhance play on the Churchill schoolyard?
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6) Can we contact you if we'd like to discuss your input? If YES, please provide your contact information below (name, phone and/or email)
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