Personal Electronic Device~Use at School
Students will be able to use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with others. Students are not required to have or bring their own device to school, this is completely optional. For those who do not have a device, White's Tower Elementary will work to provide one so that all students have the same opportunity.

RULES: Devices will only be used for educational purposes as outlined by the student A.U.P. (Acceptable Use Policy) that was signed at the beginning of the year.
*No texting
*No picture taking
*No phone calling
*No social networking
*No explicit music
*No video recording

1.) The devices will be used in the classrooms only and not on the bus
2.) No sharing of personal devices
3.) Students are responsible for their own devices and they must know how to use them.
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My child intends on bringing their personal electronic device to school when we return to in-person instruction. I realize that my child must assume full responsibility for the use and safety of the device. I also realize that any damage done to or loss of a device will be at the expense of the student/parent. *
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