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We invite you to express your interest in serving on Volunteer Alberta’s Board of Directors, a Committee of the Board, or as a special advisor to Volunteer Alberta, by filling out this form. (Tip: To save your work in progress, you can submit the form and continue to edit. Please do not fill out the 'acknowledgement' section until you wish to formally submit.)

VA welcomes and encourages applicants from diverse identities and experience backgrounds, including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour), LGBTQ+, any gender expression, rural and remote residence, different abilities, permanent residency and new Canadian status, and more.

Volunteer Alberta’s work is guided by our strategic directions, as determined by the Board of Directors, and responds to the needs of our membership, the nonprofit sector, stakeholders, and funders. Our work focuses in three areas: connecting, promoting, and strengthening. Our staff team advances the Volunteer Alberta mission through connecting people, organizations, and ideas; promoting the value of the nonprofit sector and volunteerism, and strengthening the sector through delivering programs and services that address sector issues, while continually improving internally.

Volunteer Alberta recruits unique and talented individuals who share our organizational values and have a high degree of integrity. It is important that Board members share a passion for community, volunteerism, and a desire to enhance the quality of life in communities throughout Alberta by enabling nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations to succeed.

Volunteer Alberta supports our Board with development through training on governance, etc.

1. Nonprofit/voluntary sector is valued.
2. Volunteerism is valued.
3. Nonprofit/voluntary sector is collaborative and connected.
4. Nonprofit/voluntary sector is equipped to thrive.
5. Volunteer Alberta delivers continuous improvements internally and externally.

A strong, engaged and connected society serving common good in Alberta.

Helping Alberta do good. Together.

To strengthen Alberta’s nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations through knowledge exchange and strategic connections.

Community. Stewardship. Volunteerism. Ingenuity. Excellence. Integrity.

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I - Tell us the basics about you
Help us learn about your views on Volunteer Alberta’s missions and the non-profit/voluntary sector, and how your potential contributions might fit with our vision.

NOTE: These answers will be shared with Volunteer Alberta's Nomination Committee members.

Name of Organization or Affiliation
Role or Position
Any Other Contact (Secondary telephone, social media, address, etc.)
Are you interested in joining a Board, a Committee, or serving as a special advisor? If you are open to many ways of working with us and simply want to get more involved, please let us know that, too.
Please briefly describe your background and experience relevant to volunteering with Volunteer Alberta
What interests you in seeking a position on a board, committee, as a special advisor, or otherwise getting more involved?
Briefly outline the specific skills you bring, or contributions you hope to make, to advance Volunteer Alberta’s mission.
What do you see as some of the most promising opportunities facing the nonprofit/voluntary sector in Alberta in the coming few years?
When you review the role description, are there any aspects that may be a challenge for you? If yes, please explain.
Are you currently serving on a board of directors for another organization? If so, please list organization name and your position/role.
Provide the names of past organizations you have served in a board capacity, or equivalent (organization, role, dates of service).
Describe networks and organizations you understand well, where you might facilitate strategic partnerships that could help advance Volunteer Alberta’s mission.
I have expertise and/or interests that would make me a likely candidate to join board committees or otherwise advise on the following topics (check all those that apply):
Please tell us more about your expertise and/or interest in these areas:
Please tell us a little more about you, by filling out the Volunteer Alberta Board Matrix questions in this section. We use this matrix to help us bring many different perspectives to our board, committees, and special advisor roles.
Geographic Area
Sector of Work (Profession)
1 (Low)
2 (Medium)
3 (High)
4 (Not Applicable)
Passion/Commitment for mission
Champion for the nonprofit/voluntary sector
Governance/Board experience
Strategic thinking
Alignment with organizational values
Entrepreneurial thinking
Positive and constructive
Other (please describe at the end of this section)
Areas of Experience
1 (Low)
2 (Medium)
3 (High)
4 (Not Applicable)
Rural/remote communities
Civic/identity-based communities
Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector
Civic Government
Provincial Government
Federal Government
Indigenous Government / leadership
Private Sector - small/medium business
Corporate - large business
Other (please describe at the end of this section)
Areas of Knowledge
1 (Low)
2 (Medium)
3 (High)
4 (Not Applicable)
Governance / Board leadership
Capacity Building
Collaborative Relationships
Data Collection / Analysis
Fund / Enterprise Development
People At Work / Human Resources
Labour Market Planning
Public Relations/Media Relations/Communications
Understanding of finance
Volunteer Engagement
Social Innovation
Building Networks
Coaching / Mentoring
Corporate Relations
Government Relations
Digital Skills / Information Technology
Policy Development
Public Policy/Advocacy
Opportunity & Risk Management
Understanding of legal issues
Youth Engagement
Other (please describe at the end of this section)
Areas of Interest (Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Subsectors or Functions)
1 (Low)
2 (Medium)
3 (High)
4 (Not Applicable)
Business and professional associations, unions
Culture, art and recreation
Development and housing
Education and research
Law, advocacy, and politics
Capacity building, philanthropic intermediaries and voluntarism promotion
Social Services
Other (please describe at the end of this section)
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you, your identities, knowledge, passion and experience, that you wish to bring to Volunteer Alberta? If you answered 'other' in this section, please describe here.
Is there any other question you would ask, if you were inviting people to get more involved in Volunteer Alberta? Any other final notes?
II - References
Please provide two references that are familiar with your relevant experience.
Primary Reference Name
Organization / Affiliation
Relationship to you
Secondary Reference Name
Organization / Affiliation
Relationship to you
III - Acknowledgement & Attachments
Thank you for your interest, and your application. Two more details before submitting:
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