Garfield Technology and Wifi Survey
The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation and Assemble are looking into finding access to Wifi as well as computers for the community. In reaching out, we want to get an idea of what people have and what people need. This will help us to then reach out to organizations that will able to connect us to FREE computers for YOU!
What street do you live on? (this is to map the access to wifi) *
What is your zip code? *
How many people are in your household, use or would use the wifi? *
What are the ages of those in your household? *
If there are children in your household what school do they attend?
Do you have access to wifi at your home? *
What device do you use to get online? *
Please share what kind of device you have. Ex iPhone, desktop, laptop, Chromebook, etc. *
Do you get online for the following *
What times of day do you use the internet the most? *
Please provide contact information if you like to be contacted about opportunities in the community.
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If you have a few more moments please take the Garfield Public Safety survey
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