Basketball Registration 2018-2019
This year basketball registration is a TWO step process.


STEP TWO: Pay registration fee of $70 for EACH INDIVIDUAL registered by visiting

Bloomingdale Recreation Basketball Open to children in Bloomingdale and Butler in grades K-8th

NO schedule will be given until all registration is closed!!

Practice/Games will be played during the week days at one of the three schools in Bloomingdale. The games and practices will between the hours of 6:00-10:00 depending on the schools availability.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times!! Registered player as WELL as all spectators! Basketball is not a drop and go program especially for children who are not registered to play and/or who are not scheduled to play!!


Any questions please contact Rachel at

Parent Information

This year we are trying something different to ensure that each player, parent, guardian, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and fan enjoy the season; and while enjoying the season EVERYONE is respecting the coaches, referees, and SCHOOL PROPERTY!!!! The TEAM MANAGERS will be a volunteer parent who will ensure that spectators are following the rules , regulations and zero tolerance policy laid out by the Bloomingdale Recreation Commission. The TEAM MANAGER's responsibilities are but not limited to...

1. To Set A Good Example

2. To make sure there are NO children playing in the hallways, on the stage, or in other areas that are not deemed as the gym.

3.To make sure no school property is touched or messed with (especially students projects that may be displayed in the hallways)

4. Basketballs are ONLY used by the PLAYERS and COACHES that are on the court at the time.

5. To ensure the gym and hallways are left as you found.

We are always looking for coaches to help us with our season!!!! Please consider coaching this season and fill out the "willing to coach" form by clicking the link above!!!

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Registration Fee
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Zero Tolerance & Refund policy
Please read the following Policy put in place by the Borough of Bloomingdale and the Bloomingdale Recreation Commission.


Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Recreation Commission of the Borough of Bloomingdale, NJ, the commission has instituted a strict refund policy governing when and ii refunds are to be given when a player withdraws from a program. The policy is as follows

1. If cancellation occurs within 24 Hrs. of the start of a program the refund is 100%.

2. If cancellation occurs from the start of a program to the halfway point the refund is 50%

3. If cancellation occurs after the halfway point of a program the refund is 0%

4. Refunds of fees derived from programs other than registration fees: i.e. movie tickets, bus tickets, lake fees are as follows: if no participation has occurred the refund is 100% less any expenses incurred by the Recreation Commission.

The purpose of this notice is to make you, the parent, aware of the Commission’s refund policy. The Recreation Commission permits no exceptions whatsoever to this refund policy. This includes a situation where a participant must withdraw due to illness or injury or for any reason beyond that players’ control. All parents of children signing up for enrollment in any recreation program must sign the bottom of this notice acknowledging that you have been made aware of the refund policy and that you agree to the terms of the refund policy.


This outlines the “Zero Tolerance” policy adopted by the Borough of Bloomingdale, N.J. Recreation Commission This policy defines what may be considered improper conduct and its results to individuals displaying such while engaging in any Recreation sanctioned event. It is the intention that this policy be strictly enforced with no exceptions.

1) Any Recreation Instructor, Official, Coach and Manager that gets removed from a game will be required to come before the Recreation Commission. During and possibly resulting from a lull investigation, the Instructor, Official, Coach or Manager may not be allowed to participate. Should the Recreation Commission support the circumstances for the removal, the Instructor, Official, Coach or Manager may have suspended participation for the remainder of the season.

2) Any parent or attendant that is removed for improper conduct will be required to have their child accompany them off the field or premises.

3) Any participant that is removed from a Recreation sanctioned event for improper conduct more than once may not be eligible for Championship or All-Star play that season. Other disciplinary actions may also include permanent removal for the remainder of the season with no refunds being granted.

Improper conduct shall include, but may not be limited to the following....

4) The use of aggressive, threatening, or abusive language or action.

5) Unruly act or actions that may interfere with the play or execution of any Recreation sanctioned events.

6) No alcohol, Tobacco products, or weapons will be permitted at any Recreation sanctioned events.

I have read and understand the Borough of Bloomingdale’s Refund Policy and Zero Tolerance Policy for recreation programs and agree to it’s provisions and requirements. *
Electronic Signature: (type your name below and indicate date) *
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Thank you...
Thank you for registering for the 2018-2019 Bloomingdale Recreation Season. PLEASE CLICK SUBMIT TO COMPLETE STEP 1 OF REGISTRATION!!

If you have another child you wish to register please click SUBMIT first before completing the form again for the next child!

The SECOND STEP of this process if you have not already done so is to PLEASE pay the $70 registration fee by visiting

Any question please contact Rachel at

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