One Act Director Application
Complete the Form Below to apply as a DIRECTOR for the 2019-2020 Fall One Acts.

Show options:
13 Ways to Screw Up your College Interview:
10 Ways to Survive the End of the World:
It's not you, it's me:
Rapunzel Uncut:
Orange is the New Glass:
Relative Strangers:
Cinderella: The Untold Story:

Don't like any of these? Go to PLAYSCRIPTS.COM and search Comedic One Acts. Be sure to consider time (30 - 45 minutes is optimal) and cast size.

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Write a paragraph or two about WHY you would like to direct a One Act. In particular, highlight your leadership skills and theatre experience that you believe qualifies you to direct. Reflection on prior directing experience (in or out of drama class) and what you have learned from it is recommended. *
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Briefly discuss your “vision” for one of the scripts linked above (please include the title. If you chose your own, include a link to the free script). How would you direct this show? *
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