Application for Community Manager
Title: Community / Volunteer
Location:Gokarna, Karnataka

Work with us and find out what it takes to manage a property at HosteLIT
If you are ready to go all-in for a minimum of 1 months, an experience of a lifetime awaits you right here.
+Learn on the job by working closely with the hostel operations staff day to day.
+Communicate via phone calls, WhatsApp, and on-property with almost every traveler from various cultures and parts of the world on a daily basis.
+Multitask your way to the top.
+Showcase the best of your works to the HosteLIT Community. Submit content such as photos, videos, and write-ups on a regular basis from the hostel.

Now coming to the ideal personality traits. We are looking for:
- a passionate fellow who is energetic, social, and eager to contribute towards hospitality while gaining hardcore on-ground experience.
- a travel community lover who's ready to dedicate their time towards making other travelers have the best trip.
- a social butterfly who is always excited to help travelers out with plans and ideas, and makes their day with activities, stories, and more.
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