NSBE: Region 5 FRC Chapter Relief Application 2018
Disclaimer: Information provided from your responses will be verified by the REB to maintain accuracy of the assessment. Any false information will result in the disqualification of your chapter from the awards process. Please follow the instructions listed in each section below and completely fill out the requested information.
Priority Deadline: 09-30-2018
Hard Deadline: 10-19-2018
Chapter Name *
President’s Name *
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Treasurer’s Name *
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NSBE Jr. Advisor Name (NSBE Jr. only, n/a otherwise) *
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Does your chapter have a Chapter Senator? *
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Chapter Senator's Membership ID *
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Number of paid & registered members *
Chapter Budget/Finances
Budgeted Amount for the Year *
Amount Requested for Chapter Relief *
Does your chapter have chapter dues? *
Does your chapter have a corporate sponsorship packet? *
What percent of expenses were used on chapter programming? *
What percent of expenses were used on lodging and travel to regional conferences? *
Chapter Programming:
Please provide an example of a program or event hosted by your chapter for each category (AEX, TORCH, PCI) that applies to your chapter. This could also include programs/events that your chapter plans on implementing this semester. This includes Regional/National programs, and unique chapter programs (Max characters 3747)
activity report link: bit.ly/NSBEAR1819
Academic Excellence *
Academic Excellence Activity Report Completed *
Community Outreach *
Community Outreach Activity Report Completed *
Pre-College Initiative *
Pre-College Initiative Activity Report Completed *
On average how much did your chapter spend on events such as AEX/T.O.R.C.H./PCI? *
Describe how chapter has implemented the National and Regional directives for 2018-2019 *
Additional Information
This section is for you to provide us with any other additional information you think you may want us to know or any information that you fell you weren't able to convey in the application.
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