Instrument Loan Agreement
Spring 2023
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Department of Music - University of Richmond
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UR Instrument Loan Contract and Terms
+ I accept full responsibility for the instrument loaned to me by the University of Richmond Department of Music and will return it, together with all its accessories, in the same condition as when it was issued to me.

+ I agree to clean the instrument per the guidelines I received when taking possession of the instrument and to return it to its Booker Hall locker by the end of exams or before leaving campus.

+ I agree to report any damage that may have occurred to the instrument beyond what can be considered normal wear and tear.

+ I understand that if this instrument is damaged or lost while in my possession, I may be responsible for its repair or replacement costs .

+ I understand that UR may bill my student account for all instrument repair/replacement costs and I agree to pay the estimated value to replace the instrument and/or its accessories.

+ I understand that UR may hold my grades if I do not return the instrument as agreed upon or pay any costs of replacement or repair for which I am responsible.

+ I will not switch this instrument (or its accessories) with or transfer to  any other student or person without approval from the Music Department chairperson.

By checking the box below, I attest that I have read and agree to the terms of this instrument loan agreement contract as outlined above. *
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